Colorful silicone joint ring for sealing 

High purity platinum cured Silicone with irregular shape cross sectionThis is silicone sealing ring by using silicone material with environmental protection, non-toxic, we provide you accurate size,high tensile resistance and required performance. It can take temperature extremes from -50℃ to 220℃. Further requirements or characters,can be discussed.


Food Grade Silicone

Temperature Resistance

 -50°C and 220°


30-80 Shore A 


+/- 0.1mm




Lunch/Fresh box,Pill case
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MOLDING process: Platinum cure extrusion molding,with 日-shape cross 


DIMENSION: Be customized according to your usage or design,or you tell 

us related requirement,we design it for you,and do sample for your


FUNCTION: Sealing,prevent air,dust,smell,or keep fresh.
COLOR: Pink(Or can be customized,if you provide us Pantone number)
SURFACE: Nice joint or glue part,without extra glue left on the surface.

FEATURES: Odourless,tasteless,non-toxic,inclusion-free,no bubble,

chemically stable,anti-aging,high-resilience,long usage life.

PERFORMANCE: Normally,the weight of tensile resistance is 3KGS,

special sealing ring with different structure can be 10-20KGS tensile

resistance,or more tensile strength.

OEM/ODM: Outer surface can be zigzag or flat according to your usage 

and design,cross section can be 日-shape,square,rectangular,or any else.

VALUE-ADDED service: We can print logo for you,and cut it into required

length,then splice,glue or bond it together.

SAMPLE: Be free for our existed sample.

PACKAGE: PE bag with required quantity,then put it into double layer

paper carton,and paste the shipping mark,finally do the packing belt.

DELIVERY: DHL,UPS,Fedex,or by air/ship.

AFTER-SERVICE: When you receive the sample,any adjustment or

change,just tell us,then we will do the updated sample for your 

confirmation;if be mass production,any different with sample,we will also 

do the remedial measure,to provide you the accurate products and best 


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